MOD GAME Blade&Soul Revolution v2.00.034.1

MOD GAME Blade&Soul Revolution v2.00.034.1

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  • Create Date 18/05/2020
  • Last Updated 19/05/2020
  • install Mod :

    1: download apk mod + obb

    2: extract file obb move to {sdcard/android/obb}

    3: install apk mod

    4: open game

  • Mod Feature:
    Add a level!
    Add gold!
    Add some gold!
    Add your mounts!


    Description Game:
    The long-awaited Blade and Soul title will finally be officially released on our western market on January 19, 2016 on PC. Closed beta tests ended a few days ago, however, NCSoft itself has unexpectedly confirmed a much greater interest in them, and their success has been confirmed by excellent opinions about the title being released. Of course, the Asian version could be tested from 2012, but certainly not everyone can help themselves. There is still an unofficial Russian server on the European market.

    From the very movie and gameplay presentations you can contribute a lot of what the game has to offer. The real beauty of the title is brought out only after a few thanksgiving minutes of the game (which consume the player with an interesting plot abounding in twists), after which we get to know the general system of combat and the basics of entertainment. As for the year 2020, the game does not knock on the graphics, but it is so distinctive and impressive that the player will be delighted with it.

    The real impression is made by the views and visual effects of my skills — I often stopped to see the area around me. The color scheme of the areas is varied and some of them make an amazing impression with their visuals, like the second region where we meet ghosts, werewolves and vampires. The area then changes colour to dark and gloomy, and the environment itself changes from mountainous and grassy areas to tombs, coffins and dark rotten buildings.

    The game Blade and Soul Revolution IOS has many such delicacies, where each player will find his or her favourite theme. In fact, the game itself is full of Asian beliefs, and the whole storyline repeatedly draws attention to their dark and demonic embodiments. Thus, I would like to point out that the title is rather for adult players, for one basic reason — the storyline and theme is dark, devoid of candy and Hollywood finger of post-production. I’m thinking of an old manga from the 90s, where the dark embodiment of ronin fought against the good and kind nature of it, paying attention to a bit of humour mixed with the harsh aura of murder — whoever read Rouroni Kenshin knows what I’m talking about. I also refer here to the main theme of the game, i.e. Eastern martial arts, with which this title is full of. The basis of the combat system is dodge, block, counter, blow and the use of their combination in action or reaction. Here the random “button-smash” does not work at all, and what’s more, the opponent’s patience and understanding is the basis for success. I’ll mention the automatic version of Tekken 1 and 2, where this system has proven its worth, and most likely from which the creators of the ideas for BnS have drawn handfuls. The system Blade and Soul Revolution IOS belongs to the so called “no target” trend, but it is not entirely such, precisely because of the game mechanics mentioned above (it is about skilles, which in few cases have to be aimed at a certain distance and situation).


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